Java developer

1920 1080 DevGate

We’re looking for two Java developers, to support us in setting up infrastructure/services for User Lifecycle management.
– Components involved are User-Management
– Subscription-Management
– Notification Handlers for events posted by Payment System
– Wallet-Service
– Voucher-Service
– Most of this will be based on already existing services that will be forked by us or where we will take over ownership.
– Development tasks include
Convert services to Spring-Boot (embedded Tomcat)
– For some services Java update is required (from 1.8)
– Services shall use Configuration-Service instead of property files deployed to the server
– For some services we need to add/extend the REST interface (as replacement for SOAP)
– Deployment of services to AWS
– Hosting MySql databases on AWS
– Notification handlers based on Kafka


– Strong experience with Java, Spring, Spring-Boot
– Experience with SQL databases (MySql)
– Experience with AWS
– Experience with Kafka (Produce/Consume events)

Location : Bahria Phase 7, Rawalpindi
Company : Devgate Consultancy
Salary : 200K – 250K