Agile Delivery Framework

End-to-end Software Development

Elevate your enterprise’s software development projects to new heights with our cutting-edge 5-step Agile Delivery Framework. We’ve meticulously designed a process that combines the best of agility and excellence, ensuring your projects meet and exceed expectations.

  • Our Agile Delivery Framework guarantees you stay ahead in today’s fast-paced business environment.
  • We prioritize your vision, ensuring your software aligns perfectly with your goals.
  • Quality is our hallmark; we deliver reliable, bug-free solutions.
  • We’re with you every step of the way, ensuring your project’s success from start to finish.

Requirement Analysis

Start by diving into your business needs, aiming to understand your vision fully.

Agile Planning

Craft agile plans based on your requirements, ensuring flexibility, efficiency, and a smooth, well-informed project journey.

Collaborative Development

Magic unfolds as we involve you throughout the collaborative development, bringing your vision to life with constant communication

Rigorous Testing

Unwavering quality commitment, rigorous testing: Your software is flawless, no surprises; real-world performance assured.

Seamless Deployment

Final step: Expertly deploy, seamless integration into your system, ensuring a disruption-free user experience.

Technical Staff Augmentation

Remote Teams & Developers

Empower your team with our dedicated remote resources. Work closely with our skilled professionals, using them as an extension of your in-house team. Build your software system your way, with the flexibility to manage and guide the development process.

Team BenefitsRemoteOffice
Cost – Hiring qualified developers remotely can save up to 60% of the project cost.✔︎
Quick Scaling – Usually it takes less than a 2 weeks to get a developer with the needed expertise.✔︎
Technical Capability – We offer a diverse pool of developers that can be available for any technology.✔︎
HR Management – We cover payroll, office, and other HR-related issues and cut your overhead.✔︎
Replaceable – Your remote team is easily replaceable for changing needs.✔︎
Self Screening – To ensure your developers have the appropriate skills. You can screen candidates and select people for your project.✔︎
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Remote Teams & Developers

Empower your enterprise with our skilled remote teams and developers. Streamline projects, boost efficiency, and use them as an extension of your in-house team.

AI & Data: SQL – Power BI – Tableau – Azure – AWS – Redshift – SSIS – Python Scripts
Tools: Apache Spark, Apache Airflow
Cloud: AWS, GCP, Azure, Snowflake
Programmers: C/C++, Python, Java, Javascript, PHP, .NET
System Administrators: DBA, Linux, Bash
iOS Mobile: Swift – SwiftUI – Objective – Native iOS Frameworks
Android Mobile: Kotlin – Java – Android NDK (c) – JavaScript
Hybrid Mobile: React Native – Flutter
Developers: WordPress, Shopify, Figma, Adobe XD, InVision, Photoshop, Illustrator
Quality Assurance: Automation – Functional – Smoke – regression – Re – Testing – Build Verification – Manual Testing
End-to-end Software Development

Elevate your business with our end-to-end software development services. From concept to deployment, we handle it all, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

AI & Data Engineering
Database & Warehousing
Cloud Services & Integration
Website Application
iOS & Android Application
Enterprise Solution Architecture
Custom Software Development

Why Us?

Technical Expertise

Rely on our seasoned team, equipped with extensive experience and proven expertise in software development. Our track record boasts a history of successful projects, providing the assurance of quality and excellence.

Talented Team

Our rigorous selection process guarantees highly skilled and dedicated software engineers. Our meticulous recruitment and vetting process ensures that every team member is a proven expert, committed to delivering top-notch results for your projects.

Effective Coordination

We prioritize transparent and efficient communication channels to keep our clients fully informed throughout the project lifecycle. With regular updates and open lines of communication, you’ll always be in the loop, ensuring a collaborative and well-informed journey.

Project Management & Delivery

Agile Development Framework is tailored to ensure on-time delivery and cost-effectiveness without wasting any time. With a keen focus on timelines and resource allocation, we guarantee that your projects not only meet deadlines but also remain within budget, without compromising quality.

Cost Effective

We offer competitive pricing, providing clients with cost-effective solutions that never compromise on quality. Your budget remains intact while you receive top-notch software development and remote team services.


We offer the flexibility you need with the capability to scale teams up or down as project demands change. This not only provides cost-efficiency but also ensures your resources align perfectly with your project’s needs.

Data Security

At DevGate, we take data security seriously. Our stringent security protocols are in place to safeguard your valuable client data and shield against potential threats. Trust us to keep your information secure and your projects protected.

Client-centric Approach

We are dedicated to understanding and fulfilling the unique needs of each client. Our commitment to tailor-made solutions ensures that your specific requirements are at the forefront of every project, resulting in software that truly aligns with your vision and objectives.

Diverse Clients

We work with diverse businesses i.e. start-ups, small, medium, and large enterprises. We take pride in our versatility, adept at handling a wide spectrum of technologies and programming languages. We can cater to the diverse needs of our clients, ensuring we can adapt to any project requirement with ease.

Long-Term Partnership

At DevGate, we are committed to building long-term relationships. Our dedication extends beyond projects; we’re invested in your ongoing success. Partner with us, and we’ll grow together.

Meet Our Team

We’re invested in your ongoing success. Partner with us, and we’ll grow together.

Aqib Zulfiqar

Executive Officer

Mubeen Zulfiqar

Operating Officer

Qazi Abubakar

Technology Officer

Qamar Khurshid

Director Engineering


We are a technology consulting company with excellent quality service delivery and satisfied clients globally. DevGate has a vibrant team of experienced professionals who always delivers results for our customers by pursuing best practices and proven processes employing the latest technologies.

C.E.O. Aqib Zulfiqar

We Get It Done!

Our Mission

At DevGate, we aim to be a world-class supplier of IT services, solutions and strategies, globally. By working with both the business and IT executives we innovate and deliver measurable value for our clients and partners.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be a platform for talented and motivated professionals to foster and celebrate the innovation that fuels sustainable growth for our clients.

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