Voiceover Artist:

We are dynamic content creation team dedicated to crafting captivating narratives across various media platforms. We\’re seeking a dedicated voice actor to join our collaborative spirit in producing engaging monthly scripted content.


• Use your exceptional vocal talent to breathe life into our scripts, captivating audiences with your performance.

• Showcase your versatility by portraying a range of characters, each with their own unique personality and voice.

• Embrace deadlines with dedication, ensuring timely delivery of high-quality recordings.

• Collaborate with our team to enhance the overall storytelling experience.

• Familiarize yourself with project management through ClickUp (tutorials provided), ensuring smooth communication and task management.


• Exceptional vocal talent.

• Versatility to portray various characters.

• Dedication to deadlines.

• Collaborative spirit.

• Must be comfortable with ClickUp for project management (We\’ll provide tutorials)

• Exceptional storytelling skills – the ability to feel the story, gauge tone, and pace

NOTE: If you\’re ready to dive into thrilling crime stories, feel the narrative, and captivate our audience, please send your proposal with a few samples of your work. Please Make sure you send Narration samples, not Commercial Samples


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